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House Defect Inspection Singapore: Imperfeccion Specialists SG

When you receive the keys to your new property in Singapore, prioritizing a House Defect Inspection Singapore is essential. The law in Singapore grants a 12-month defects liability period for new properties, allowing for any defects to be rectified at no extra cost. Imperfeccion Specialists SG offers comprehensive house defect inspection services in Singapore, meticulously examining your property for issues such as uneven paint, cracked ceilings, and more, to ensure the safety and preservation of your home’s value.

Ignoring potential defects can lead to escalating problems and higher renovation costs over time. From water leaks that damage walls and encourage mold growth to electrical issues that worsen with neglect, the cost of repairs can significantly increase after the defects liability period ends, falling entirely on the homeowner.

Imperfeccion Specialists SG’s House Defect Inspection Services

1. New Residential Property Inspections

Our service is tailored for new properties, covering all aspects from structural integrity to internal systems, ensuring your rights are protected during the Defects Liability Period.

2. Commercial Unit Inspections

Designed for business owners, this service focuses on maintaining property condition, providing detailed reports to prevent disputes and ensure a safe, compliant environment.

3. Sub-Sale Property Inspections

Ideal for properties purchased before completion, our inspections identify any defects or safety concerns, aiding in your investment decision.

4. Post-Defect Repair Inspections

After any repair work, we offer inspections to verify the quality and effectiveness of the fixes, giving you peace of mind about your property’s condition.

Why Imperfeccion Specialists SG for Your House Defect Inspection in Singapore?

Choosing Imperfeccion Specialists SG for your house defect inspection in Singapore is crucial for identifying potential issues in a property’s structure and systems. Our certified professionals conduct thorough inspections, preventing unexpected expenses and contributing to a fair purchase price. Our detailed reports offer valuable insights into the property’s condition, helping you make informed decisions.

Looking for House Defect Inspection Services in Singapore?

Imperfeccion Specialists SG is your premier choice for meticulous inspections of houses, HDBs, condos, and landed properties in Singapore. We ensure a comprehensive evaluation, leaving no stone unturned.

Trust us to deliver a detailed report that empowers you to confidently address any issues before settling in.

Schedule your house defect inspection in Singapore with Imperfeccion Specialists SG today and move into your new home with assurance!

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Rest Assured with 100% Assurance!

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