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Customer Success Story: A Satisfied Homeowner


Imperfeccion Specialists is a leading company in the field of quality assurance and Home Inspection Services for new property developments. With a team of highly skilled inspectors, the company ensures that every new home meets the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. Their comprehensive service includes thorough inspections, detailed reporting through innovative apps, and effective communication with developers for the rectification of any identified defects.

The Challenge with Home Inspection Services

When Kian Leng Goh purchased his new home, like many new homeowners, he was concerned about potential defects that could affect the quality and value of his investment. Understanding the complexities of construction and the standards required for a truly defect-free home was daunting. Kian needed a professional service that could not only identify defects but also communicate effectively with developers to ensure these issues were rectified to his satisfaction.

The Solution

Kian decided to engage Imperfeccion Specialists for their reputed services. He was introduced to Troy, one of the company’s highly experienced inspectors. Troy conducted a comprehensive inspection of Kian’s new home, utilizing a state-of-the-art app to log defects systematically. This technology not only streamlined the process but also provided a clear and organized way to present findings to the developer.

Troy’s expertise was evident in his ability to distinguish between what constituted a defect and what did not, a skill that proved invaluable in defending the homeowner’s interests. His knowledge and professionalism facilitated a smooth dialogue with the developer, who was receptive and cooperative in addressing the identified issues.

The Outcome

Thanks to the diligent work of Troy and the team at Imperfeccion Specialists, all identified defects were rectified to the highest standards. A joint inspection was conducted to ensure that Kian was completely satisfied with the results. The developer also expressed appreciation for the efficient and professional communication throughout the process.

Kian’s testimonial underscores the value of engaging Imperfeccion Specialists: “Very happy to engage the services of this company, worked with Troy. Very professional in checking through the defects, logged them via the app, explained to developer, and followed through until rectification and joint inspection. Inspector is very knowledgeable in knowing what constitute defects and what not, able to defend to developer. Developer also is happy to talk to the inspector directly. Highly recommended 👌.”


Imperfeccion Specialists’ commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction is evident in the positive outcomes experienced by homeowners like Kian Leng Goh. Their expertise not only ensures that homes meet the highest quality standards but also fosters a collaborative and constructive relationship between homeowners and developers. For anyone looking to safeguard the quality of their new home, Imperfeccion Specialists comes highly recommended. Contact us now either here, or through our Whatsapp here.

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