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Huh? Home Defects? Just received the keys to your new apartment and eager to kickstart your renovation?

PAUSE FOR A MOMENT! Before you dive into transforming your space, consider this crucial advice to avoid potential future complications associated with home defects.

Did you know that once renovation begins, any responsibility for pre-existing defects by the developer under the Defects Liability Period (DLP) is waived?

You might think, “It’s okay, we can inspect it ourselves,” or “My contractor offered to check for defects.” However, this is where problems often start.

Why Engage a Home Defect Inspector?

Once renovations are initiated, developers are no longer accountable for any defects, which they might claim were caused by the renovations themselves. This can lead to disputes that are difficult to resolve.

While defect checklists are readily available online, they are not comprehensive. Identifying all potential issues without the right expertise is challenging, often resulting in overlooked defects that could be costly down the line.

Lately, it’s become popular for interior design firms to offer free defect inspections. While tempting, these consultants often lack the necessary technical and regulatory expertise to effectively advocate for necessary repairs from developers, especially since they must maintain a working relationship with them throughout your project.

Common Defects and Estimated Repair Costs:

  • Wall and Ceiling Cracks: $250++
  • Peeling Paint: $250++
  • Burst Pipe: $550++
  • Water Seepage: $1000++
  • Choked Pipes: $150++
  • Shattered Glass: $300++
  • Electrical Issues: $150++
  • Popping Tiles: $1000++
  • Timber Flooring Repairs: $500++
  • Pest Issues Due to Unsealed Gaps: $450++


In Singapore, while developers conduct several rounds of inspections with HDB and other authorities, these do not guarantee a detailed check within each unit. It is advisable to have a professional inspection done after you receive your keys and before starting any renovations. This minimizes disputes over defects.

How Imperfeccion Specialists Can Help:

At Imperfeccion Specialists, we serve as an independent party to thoroughly inspect your property against industry standards and BCA guidelines. If any issues are found, we ensure the developer addresses them.

Our goal is to resolve any defects, making your transition into your new home smooth and stress-free.

Defects can compromise your quality of life, but a defect-free home is achievable!

For professional guidance, contact us via call or WhatsApp at +65 8886 7175, or book an appointment through our e-appointment form.

Learn more about our home defect inspection services on our website or follow us on Facebook for updates.

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