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bunch of tapes for marking defects

What’s the best tape for marking home defects? While it’s tempting to use white masking tape for marking defects during home inspections due to its affordability and convenience, this common practice can actually lead to more harm than good. Many homeowners download free defects checklists and tips online, but fail to realize the pitfalls of using such tapes.

Masking tape, despite its easy application and writable surface, can severely damage paint jobs. It often leaves behind a sticky residue and can peel off paint when removed, especially in tropical climates known for their intense heat.

At Imperfeccion Specialists, our primary mission is to assist homeowners in identifying defects without causing additional damage. We’ve experimented with a wide range of tapes, from budget-friendly options to premium brands, to find the most suitable one for defect marking.

After extensive testing, including leaving tapes on a standard painted surface under the harsh sun for several weeks, we narrowed it down to three contenders:

  • Pink Washi Tape (Made with Japanese rice paper)
  • 3M Painter’s Tape (Blue)
  • 3M Post-it

The Results:

The Pink Washi Tape, while leaving no residue, failed to adhere strongly to surfaces, which is not ideal for marking defects as they could easily be blown away. The 3M products, however, proved to be superior. Both the 3M Painter’s Tape and 3M Post-it stuck well to various surfaces and left no marks or sticky residue, making them the best choices for this task.


Despite their higher cost, the 3M tapes are worth the investment for defect marking. They ensure that you can identify issues without inadvertently creating new ones.


This evaluation was independently conducted by Imperfeccion Specialists. We have invested in numerous products for testing to ensure our recommendations are based on thorough research, without any sponsorship from the manufacturers.

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