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resale hdb inspection process
resale hdb inspection process

What is resale hdb inspection? How do we do it properly? Purchasing a resale HDB flat can be an attractive option for many, especially when waiting for a BTO flat becomes impractical. However, it’s vital to conduct a thorough inspection to avoid scams and ensure the property meets your expectations. Here’s a detailed guide to help you evaluate a resale HDB flat effectively.

Check for Cosmetic Flaws

Inspect the flat for any cosmetic damage that could indicate poor maintenance or quick fixes, such as inconsistent paintwork, wall anomalies, or peeling laminates. Feel free to shift furniture to inspect behind them for any hidden issues.

Assess the Windows

Older HDB flats might have windows that require maintenance or replacement. Check for smooth operation and signs of rust, which could pose safety risks. Remember, replacing windows can be a significant expense.

Assessing the windows

Door Conditions

Ensure all doors function correctly and close seamlessly. Wooden doors should be checked for termite damage, and any squeaky or stiff handles might just need some lubrication. Pay special attention to the condition of glass doors and check for any cracks or scratches.

Flooring Integrity

Examine the flooring in high-traffic areas for any signs of wear or damage. Replacing cracked tiles or water-damaged wood and vinyl can be costly. However, if the flooring is intact but not to your taste, consider overlaying new material as a cost-effective solution.

hdb flooring integrity

Appliance Functionality

Test all appliances, particularly built-ins like the refrigerator and oven, to ensure they are operational. Non-functioning appliances might indicate deeper electrical or plumbing issues.

Electrical Safety

Inspect all electrical outlets for damage or looseness and test the light switches. Ensure there are enough outlets in key areas like the kitchen and living room. Comprehensive rewiring, if needed, can be expensive.

electrical safety hdb

Plumbing and Water

Check the water heater, test the water pressure, and look for leaks under sinks. Flush toilets to verify there are no hidden plumbing issues. Inspect humid areas for water damage or mold, particularly in bathrooms, and be cautious of freshly painted areas that might conceal mold.

Cabinets and Storage

Review all storage units for rust, mold, or termite damage. Sagging doors or damaged hinges are common in older properties and can be costly to repair if widespread.

Structural Considerations

Visualize your ideal home layout and check if it’s feasible with the existing structures. Some walls cannot be removed. Evaluate if the flat’s layout aligns with your needs or if it requires extensive modifications.

Future Resale Value

Consider how the flat’s unique features might affect its future marketability. What appeals to you might not appeal to others.

Imperfeccion Specialists: Your Trusted Partner in Home Inspections

At Imperfeccion Specialists, we conduct detailed inspections of HDB flats, ensuring every aspect from tiling to electrical systems is thoroughly checked. Our expert assessments help you make informed decisions and address potential issues before you move in.

Schedule your inspection today and ensure your resale HDB flat is a sound investment.

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