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BTO Defect Inspection: It’s common for brand new HDB flats to exhibit some defects, ranging from negligible to significant. Before diving into any renovations, it’s crucial to conduct a thorough inspection of your new residence to avoid future hassles. Every new HDB flat is covered under a 1-year defects liability period (DLP) starting from the purchase date, offering a perfect opportunity to address any issues under warranty.

Here’s a detailed checklist to guide you through the defect inspection process:

  1. Test All Keys – Ensure each key smoothly operates its corresponding door, including your mailbox.
  2. Check Lighting and Electricals – Activate all lights to confirm functionality and inspect sockets for rust or cracks. Make sure your utilities are activated beforehand.
  3. Water Flow and Drainage – Turn on all taps and showers to check for blockages and test the drainage by flooding the floor slightly.
  4. Toilet Functionality – Flush toilets to check for clogs and observe the refill rate of water tanks.
  5. Inspect Water Pipes – Look for any signs of leakage.
  6. Ceiling Check – Be vigilant for any leaks, which could be caused by upstairs renovation works.
  7. Water Quality Assessment – Check for any cloudiness or foreign particles in the water.
  8. Window Operations – Open and close all windows to ensure they function properly and securely, checking locks and handles.
  9. Tile Integrity – Tap tiles with a coin or marble to detect hollow sounds indicating potential issues, and check for level alignment and surface defects.
  10. Wall and Skirting Inspection – Look for any cracks or uneven surfaces that could complicate furniture placement.
  11. Door Frame Alignment – The gap between the door frame and wall should not exceed 5mm, and doors should hang straight without warping.

Document all issues with photos and marked tape for accurate records.

Important: Never hand over your keys to BSC staff. Secure your front gate with a bike lock or padlock.

Imperfeccion Specialists excel in conducting detailed inspections for various properties including HDBs, condos, and landed homes. Our expert evaluations cover everything from tiling to electrical systems, ensuring nothing is overlooked.

Trust us to deliver a comprehensive report that empowers you to address any concerns before settling into your new home.

Book your BTO defect inspection with Imperfeccion Specialists today and ensure a seamless transition into your new home!

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