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Engineer man in helmet inspecting building
Engineer man in helmet inspecting building

Navigating Building Service Centres (BSC) in BTO Projects

Receiving the keys to your new Build-to-Order (BTO) flat is a milestone filled with excitement and anticipation. As you step into your new home, the Building Service Centre (BSC) plays a crucial role in ensuring that your space meets all the expected standards of comfort and quality. Here’s what you need to know about BSC and how it can help you settle into your new home with ease.

What is the Building Service Centre (BSC)?

The Building Service Centre (BSC) is an initiative by the Housing and Development Board (HDB) to assist homeowners in the initial year following their acquisition of a new BTO flat. Established in every new BTO precinct, the BSC is tasked with addressing and rectifying any defects identified by homeowners during the Defects Liability Period (DLP), which lasts for one year from the date of key collection.

The Role of BSC in Enhancing Home Quality

Facilitating Defect Rectifications:
The primary function of the BSC is to ensure that any defects reported by homeowners are addressed promptly. Homeowners can report issues directly to the BSC, which then coordinates with contractors to carry out the necessary repairs. This process is designed to be efficient, with most minor issues typically resolved within 14 working days.

Quality Assurance:
The BSC is instrumental in maintaining high standards in public housing. By overseeing the rectification process, the BSC ensures that all repairs and fixes meet HDB’s stringent quality criteria, which are on par with, or sometimes exceed, those of private residential developments.

Support and Guidance for Homeowners:
For many, especially first-time homeowners, understanding what constitutes a defect and navigating the rectification process can be challenging. The BSC provides guidance and support, helping homeowners understand their rights and the standards expected. This support is crucial in ensuring that homeowners are satisfied with the solutions provided.

Engaging with the BSC

Reporting Defects:
Homeowners are encouraged to conduct a thorough inspection of their new flat as soon as they receive their keys. Any defects found should be reported to the BSC promptly to ensure they are addressed within the DLP. Clear descriptions and evidence of the defects can aid in expediting the rectification process.

Follow-Up Inspections:
After defects are rectified, the BSC coordinates with homeowners to conduct follow-up inspections. This ensures that all issues have been resolved satisfactorily and that the quality of the work meets the expected standards.

How Imperfeccion Specialists Complement BSC Efforts

While the BSC does an excellent job at handling and rectifying defects, engaging with a professional inspection service like Imperfeccion Specialists can provide an added layer of assurance. Our experts are trained to spot even the most subtle issues that might be overlooked during initial inspections. By providing a detailed assessment and working alongside the BSC, we ensure that every aspect of your new home is up to the mark, giving you peace of mind as you settle in.


The Building Service Centre is a cornerstone of HDB’s commitment to delivering high-quality homes. Understanding how to effectively engage with the BSC can significantly enhance your experience as a new homeowner. For those looking for additional assurance, partnering with experienced inspectors like Imperfeccion Specialists can make the transition into your new home even smoother and worry-free.

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