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Stand Out with the ONLY Certified Inspection Dream Team in Singapore

Dive into the realm of unmatched expertise with Imperfeccion Specialists, the sole beacon of certified brilliance in the inspection universe. Our unique blend of Daikin-certified aircon maestros and PEB-validated engineering gurus sets us apart. Why settle for less when you can have the only team that guarantees both your comfort and safety?

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bizSAFE can help to assure your clients that your company's products and services are delivered by employees who work in a safe and healthy environment

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Our inspectors are BCA certified. What this means is that we deliver high quality products and projects, practice safe work practices at our sites, and show corporate social responsibility to the environment and community.

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Born and bred in Singapore, we have had vast experience in the inspection section. We are proud to say that we perpetuate the Singapore brand and stand for the trusted quality that Singapore products and services are renowned for.

House Defect Inspection property inspection services
property inspection services planning phase

Residential Inspection Process

Our inspection team is committed to providing a thorough assessment of your properties. We adhere to industry quality standards and BCA’s guidelines to evaluate the condition of your properties. If any aspect is found unsatisfactory, we ensure that developers are informed and carry out the necessary rectification works. Our inspection process is divided into three stages:

  • 1. **First Inspection**: Our team identifies defective works and submits a report to the client and/or developer.
  • 2. **Second Inspection**: We arrange a joint inspection with the client and developer to discuss the identified defective works.
  • 3. **Third Inspection**: We conduct a final inspection to assess the developer’s rectification works.

All our reports are image-documented and a full set of the soft-copy report will be submitted to you. For developments using NOVADE, defects submission will also be done via the app.

Defects Inspection and Major Components

Defects inspection is a precise and meticulous task. It typically takes us between 3-6 hours, or even longer, to complete. However, you don’t need to be present throughout the entire process. Our team will liaise with you to arrange a schedule that suits your needs. Our defect assessments focus on the following major components:

  • – **Architectural Works**: This includes floors, walls, ceilings, carpentry, joinery, windows and more.
  • – **M&E Works**: This covers plumbing, sanitary fitments, electrical systems, data lines, air conditioning, and more.

This service is tailored for various types of properties, including new private developments (Condos, EC), BTOs, SBFs, and properties pre/post-renovation to name afew.

property inspection services
property inspection services planning checklist

The Journey...

The moment you’ve been waiting for has arrived – you’ve finally got your keys! It’s tempting to dive straight into renovations and make your dream home a reality.

HOLD ON… Before you start, it’s essential to have your property thoroughly inspected and a detailed defects report submitted to your developer. This crucial step can help avoid any future disputes over defects.

AFTER ACTIVATING… Your utilites account, you can call on us for our initial inspection. Once we’ve completed our thorough check, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive report. This document can then be submitted to your developer, and you can arrange for our next joint inspection.

DID YOU KNOW… Developers are required to rectify all defects within the 1 year defect liability period(DLP). After the developer has acknowledge the defects we have found, they usually get it fix within a month, we then conduct a final joint inspection to ensure everything is in order.

FINALLY… You can embark on your renovation journey and move into your dream home, knowing it’s been inspected and perfected to the highest standards.

Defects inspection process
Based on 18 reviews
Clement Ho
Clement Ho
1. March, 2024
Troy at IS has been most communicative and paid attention to a lot of details while inspecting my new apartment. I would recommend Troy to any of my friends and colleagues. Many thanks again!
Taufiq Yunos
Taufiq Yunos
1. March, 2024
We recently utilised their services for defects check for our new BTO. This is our first BTO as well, and we were really not sure what to expect. I couldn’t be more pleased with the level of professional and thoroughness they demonstrated. Troy was not only knowledgeable but also took the time to explain the findings in a clear and concise manner. I was impressed by their commitment to providing a comprehensive defect check, leaving no stone unturned in identifying potential issues. The seamless communication and transparency throughout the process also added an extra layer of confidence in their services. Overall, highly recommended for anyone in need of a reliable and meticulous defect check service.
Chiks Chia
Chiks Chia
29. February, 2024
Engaged them on 17 jan 24 with reasonable pricing, 3 trips for $250+. First time getting a defects check for our new bto, we have little to no clue about any of these but Troy and the team has exceeded our expectations. We encountered further issues after we made full payment and signed the BSC form, and Troy has been constantly chasing BSC and updating us even after his job is done. It’s really nice to see vendors who are passionate about their services and making sure that our house is as good as it can be before the reno starts. Thank you once again!
Glen Hee
Glen Hee
28. February, 2024
5 star, very detailed and meticulous checks, well explained to me on the process. Also coordinated well with BSC to fix the defects, and then also review after rectification. Will recommend their service, good!
Kian Leng Goh
Kian Leng Goh
28. February, 2024
Very happy to engage the services of this company, worked with Troy. Very professional in checking through the defects, logged them via the app, explained to developer, and followed through until rectification and joint inspection. Inspector is very knowledgeable in knowing what constitute defects and what not, able to defend to developer. Developer also is happy to talk to the inspector directly. Highly recommended 👌.
Md S
Md S
17. February, 2024
They provide excellent service in finding the defects that were found in my newly-built house. We are glad that we have engaged them for the defects checking. Thank you.
1. February, 2024
Prompt with their replies, and very accommodating to my last minute request (messaged them on a Thursday and met up for first check on just 2 days later on Saturday. Imperfeccion Specialist was also very detailed in explaining to us even the smallest defects could still be rectified by The Building Service Centre (BSC) that we would’ve otherwise brushed off as “oh its just like that”. They help us to liaise with the BSC directly, so we didn’t have to take time off to settle all the logistics in person. And got the defects resolved - mainly our leaking toilet problem. Conclusion: their services are definitely highly recommend!!!
kaiping liu
kaiping liu
26. January, 2024
工作服务很到位。第一次会来家里检查所有的defect,每一个地方都会贴上标签,并且拍照传如开发商的app。几天后第二次见面,公司就会和开发商确认所有的defect,开始维修。我因为很着急搬进去,一直催促开发商快点维修,公司的人也不断帮我打电话催促。开发商最终维修好后,很快第三次公司的人来确认。公司的人非常负责,认真检查每一个问题是否完全修复好,没有修复好的当场开发商维修人员要重新回来修补,公司的人就会耐心等待,直到所有任务完成后才最终确认交工。 我是一个要求很高的人,但是我对公司的服务和态度非常满意,价格非常合理,物有所值。相信他们,就是相信你自己的选择。
shuyu yap
shuyu yap
22. January, 2024
Professional and reliable. Attentive to details. Highly recommended!

Do not compromise on your home. Let us help you on your home ownership journey.


Imperfeccion Specialists inspectors are all BCA certified. What this means is that you get utmost assurance that we will do the job right and exceed expectations, always.


Our founder, TS, will personally guide you through your absolute defect inspection journey with us.


As one of the biggest defects inspection company in Singapore, we conduct over 100+ BTO home inspections & condo defects inspections a month, ensuring the best protection for your property.


Imperfeccion Specialists is the only defects company offering free lifetime off-site consultation on all property defects, even after our inspection service is complete.


We are the only defects company in Singapore with trained technical personnel on our team, ensuring top-tier inspection services.


With over 100 positive reviews on FB/Google since our incorporation, our consistent quality service in absolute property inspection is clear.

Comprehensive Home Inspection Service

Imperfeccion Specialists conducts a comprehensive assessment of your properties, including:

  • Newly TOP projects,
  • Resale properties (Pre-purchase inspections),
  • Rental properties (Pre-tenancy and Post-tenancy inspections),
  • Renovated properties (Post-renovation inspections).

The inspections involve the identification of defects and unacceptable workmanship finishes within three specific fields – architecture, mechanical, and electrical systems. The home inspections are performed by our professional inspectors to ensure that the property adheres to quality standards from the industry and the Building and Construction Authority (BCA).

Architectural Inspection of Home Condo BTO Inspection


Mechanical Inspection of Home Condo BTO Defects Inspection


Electrical Inspection for Home Condo BTO Defects Inspection


More about our Home Defects Inspection Service

Learn more about how Imperfeccion Specialists can help you ensure the absolute best condition of your property through our detailed and expert inspection services.

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